Founded in 2014 with just $2,000 in savings, Hamerkop Ventures was born

of the belief the future we aspire to build must uplift society and that it is our

responsibility to help make that a reality. Enterprise is our chosen path of

service to the World. From our early days as a small transportation outfit,

we have stayed true to that belief and remain driven to keep to our

mandate as we expand our horizons.

Business interests

Each of our business interests has a unique mission. What binds them is

a relentless passion for meeting customer needs, offering products and

services our customers are proud to be associated with.

At Hamerkop, we see our clients as development partners; creating the

value that keeps the wheels of our economy turning.

Property division

We responds to Africa’s growing Housing and Infrastructure needs, looking to provide quality yet affordable Property services. We recruit and train the best available talent to accompany our esteemed clients on their personal journey of discovery, helping them find the Property unique to them.

Logistics division

Zambia’s position as a land-linked country situates her as a Logistics hub;

a point of entry and delivery of goods and services to various parts of the

SADC region. Hamerkop recognises the unique opportunity this presents

to harness our trade routes for economic growth.

Our Logistics leg seeks to tap into that ocean of opportunity to deliver the best quality service for our clients in that market. We source merchandise on behalf of our customers, warehouse and handle it, and courier it to various destinations. We also pick up loads from various parts of the Country and transport them to their points of delivery at highly affordable rates.

Our customers range from traders, farmers, institutions, to wholesalers etc.

Software division

Technology drives a fast changing world – enabling human communication and commerce at scale. Hamerkop sees technology as an invaluable tool in building connections and developing human capital.

Recognising this, our Software arm provides cutting edge software

solutions to our customers in various sectors of the economy, among

them education, health and transport. Our eLearning Solutions deployed

in several Higher Learning Institutes in Zambia, Kenya, Ghana and India,

provide highly interactive learning tools for students and teaching aids for lecturers, with the convenience of location independence.

We provide fleet management systems for more efficient supervision of transport assets for trucking companies, with a customised function fitting the

unique needs of each client.

Hamerkop Ventures is a value-driven business, as we believe our

footprint should be of a positive impact in the communities we serve.

The following are our values:

  • Customer focus: Without the customer, our existence is simply an idea. We place our clients at the center of our business, listening carefully to their needs and working to meet them with high level dedication.

  • Professionalism, integrity and trust: We commit to serving with integrity and honesty so our relationships can flourish. Where deadlines cannot be met, we communicate with those we are privileged to serve and strive with everything we have to fulfil our contracts.

  • Magnifying the possibilities: We see opportunities where obstacles appear. Eternal optimism in the face of challenges is the Hamerkop way, arming us with the mindset to take on difficult tasks, embracing considered risk and providing value. We insist on excellence always and reward our staff on its achievement.

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